Distinguished Past President's Club

TNPPA is proud and honored to have some of the nation's most talented and giving Past Presidents who are pictured here.  These people have given much of their time away from the business and sometimes their family in order to make sure that your Spring Workshop and Convention go according to plan each year.  There is much time on the phone, travel, research, networking and just plain good ole person to person communication that is required to keep the TNPPA association thriving and at the level we have come to be known for in photographic excellence!

The quality of speakers TNPPA hosts each year are the TOP industry speakers and are often on the Imaging, WPPI and other top speaker circuits!  It takes much effort to bring the membership this level of education each year, time after time.  We are so thankful for their dedication and continued support to the current association.  

The current Board of Directors salutes these fine individuals and if you pass them in the hall or sit next to them at a program, please say a BIG thank you for all they have done for TNPPA to make it great and like FAMILY!

(An updated Past President's Listing will be added soon).