4 Image Collage Competition

Collage entry payment and submission should be done by 1 pm, Saturday, March 23. Please pay entry fee preferably on-line. All entries should be delivered to the the site of the workshop. Entry forms will be available during registration.

Collage creation rules:

  1. Two categories: open and creative (master artist)
  2. Open: 11x14, 4 4x6 images with a key-line stroke around each image, images should be displayed on the SOLID color background (no mounting!). The maker’s name should not be present on the image! More than one collage with the same subject can be entered. Subcategories:
    1. Male
    2. Female
    3. Child
    4. Group
    5. Bridal/Wedding
    6. High school seniors
    7. Pictorial/Environmental/Sport
    8. Pets/Animals
  3. Creative: 11x14, image should be a combination of 4 images.
  4. Best of show award will be presented to the best image in open and creative category
  5. Each entry is $10
  6. Bring not more than 10 collages! 

Please pay for your entries online to speed up the registration process at the workshop!  Good luck and thank you for entering!